Uttarakhand: Chardham Yatra postponed! It was about to start on July 1!


The Uttarakhand government has postponed the Chardham Yatra. Under the revised SOP issued by the state government of Corona curfew, it has been postponed starting from July 1.

Earlier, in the SOP issued by the government, it was mentioned to start the Chardham Yatra. However, the High Court had stayed the yatra. Now under this, a revised SOP has been issued by the state government.

Significantly, the High Court had on Monday stayed the Uttarakhand government's decision to start the Chardham Yatra from July 1. The High Court also directed the Uttarakhand government during this period to telecast the worship service live in Chardham.

The High Court had heard public interest litigations filed regarding health disorders and Chardham Yatra preparations during the Corona period.