Uttar Pradesh: Husband was suspicious of his wife's character, was hacked to death with an ax


Doubts in relationships often lead to crime. One such case came up from Gorakhpur district where a husband was suspicious of his wife's character, he got angry and killed his wife by cutting him with an ax. According to the information, Tetri Devi (35) living in Daulatpur hamlet of Amwa village in the Chiluatal region was killed by her husband Ravindra with an ax. The husband was suspicious of his wife's character. Ravindra's daughter told me that my father's mental state is not good, sometimes he gets very angry, which is also being treated.

The deceased's husband got intoxicated on Sunday night after which he was arguing with his wife. Around four o'clock in the morning, the dispute grew so much that the husband struck the right side of the wife's head with an ax. After which the woman fell to the ground. Hearing the screams, people from the nearby area rushed him to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead. After bringing the body home, preparations were on to cremate her, after which a girl from the village informed the SSP and Inspector in-charge Chiluatal about the incident. On getting the information, police reached the spot and saw that preparations for the funeral were going on. During this time, the police took the body in the possession and sent it for postmortem.

The deceased ran a grocery store with her children at the village square and the husband works as an electrician. The deceased has four daughters and a son. The accused husband has two brothers who live next door to the house. After the death of the mother, the children have become very upset.