Urban Development Department simplified the process of building construction


Now there will be no need to get the map passed for construction on a plot of five hundred square meters or up to five thousand square feet. According to reports, the Department of Autonomous Government has simplified the process of building construction and made the path of the people easier.

Earlier, before the construction of a commercial complex or house, people had to face many problems to get the maps passed from the municipal corporation.

According to the news, now if the area of ​​the plot is more than 2500 square meters and the height is more than 18 meters, it will be placed before the building mapping committee constituted in UIT, Municipal Corporation to pass the map on the plots.

In this regard, after getting the map prepared from the authorized architect, it will have to be submitted along with the prescribed fee to the Municipal Corporation or UIT. After this, any kind of construction can be started.

According to the Urban Development Department, people will also get construction approval while issuing a lease of up to 500 sqm.