UAE will be helpful to bring Rafale planes to India from France in this way


India's Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has spoken about the strong relationship with the Gulf countries. On 16 December, he said in a meeting of the advisory committee of the Ministry of External Affairs that relations with India and Gulf countries have been strengthened due to the efforts of PM Modi.

Now Rafale planes coming from France will help refuel in the air before the United Arab Emirates reaches India. UAE Air Force's Airbus Multi-Role Transport Tanker will refuel in the air twice in Rafale, flying eight hours non-stop.

Earlier, when five Rafale fighter jets came to India from France, the French multi-role transport tanker was refueled four times. At the same time, the UAE's decision to refuel in Rafale will strengthen further relations with India and the United Arab Emirates.

While India is constantly strengthening its defense relations with powerful countries, recently India has ended its military exercises with Russia, now it is reported that the next step will be military exercises between France, India, and UAE.

According to officials associated with the region, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Emmanuel Bone, diplomatic adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron, had talked about military exercises between the three countries during a meeting that took place recently.