To build Babri Masjid, Muslims demanded such a place that dispute could start again!


The Supreme Court has given its verdict in the Ayodhya case and has got the green signal to build the Ram temple. Apart from this, the Supreme Court also decided to give 5 acres of land to the Muslim side to build the mosque.

But now Iqbal Ansari, the main petitioner in the Ayodhya case, has demanded land with some local Muslim leaders in such a place that the dispute could start again. Out of 67 acres of Ramlala complex in Ayodhya, the Muslim side has demanded 5 acres of land.

Iqbal Ansari said that if he wants to give us the land, then we should be given according to our convenience and it should be from 67 acres of the acquired land. If someone tells us to go to a mosque 14 km away, we will not do it. He said that we get this land in our own place, we will take it. Iqbal Ansari said that there is no dispute in Ayodhya, Hindus and Muslims are one. Cooperate in building Hindu mosques and Muslim temples.

We can buy land yourself

The local cleric, Maulana Jalal Ashraf said that Muslims can buy land themselves to build the mosque and for that, they do not depend on the government. We should also get 5 acres of land in the acquired area.