Tips to treat COVID Patient at home: You can beat Corona even while staying at home,


The coronavirus havoc is once again making people a victim. The special thing is that this time the corona has come out in a very dangerous form as compared to earlier. Well, the situation is such that people are taking care of themselves by staying at home, talk to American doctor Faheem Younis, by sharing a post on Twitter, has tried to overcome the questions of people related to self-isolates to a large extent.

Dr. Fahim has told that if people take care of some things, then they can defeat the infection by staying at home. They have claimed that 80-90% of people can be cured by staying at home properly. Let's know these questions and their answers-

Essential rules for self-isolate

-Faheem's first advice to people who self-isolate themselves is that they should first separate themselves from other people in the house for 14 days as soon as the infection is identified.

While being self-isolated, use a separate bathroom and separate your utensils.

-If you have only one bathroom at home, wear a facemask before using it and clean it thoroughly after use.

- If you are sharing your room with someone else, do not share your steam, nebulizer, with them.

- For the patient of Corona it is necessary to have a separate and airy room in the house.