Till now the country's most expensive challan on the name of a transporter, national record for taking challan's by traffic police


In Delhi, The country's most expensive challan has been cut. A Challan worth Rs 1.41 lakh has been cut from a truck in Rajasthan. due to overloading, the truck was caught.

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The truck owner named Lord Ram has become the first transporter in the country to pay such a huge challan amount. The truck owner has paid a Challan of Rs 1.41 lakh in Delhi's Rohini Court.

Earlier, the most expensive challan in the country was done in Haryana. In Delhi, over Rs, 1.16 lakh was invoiced for overloading a truck. In this incident, an interesting thing came to light that when the owner asked the driver to pay the challan, the driver escaped instead of filling the challan after receiving such a large amount.

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On this matter, the police said that the driver wanted to teach the truck owner a lesson. Police said that the owner slapped the driver due to such a huge amount of challan being deducted. The angry driver wanted to teach the truck owner a lesson so he ran away with the money. However, the driver was arrested by the police and the money was recovered.

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Explain that after the change in the Motor Vehicle Act, the fine has now been increased several times. Now the penalty on overloading has been increased from two thousand rupees to 20 thousand rupees. Along with this, where earlier one thousand rupees of one ton extra was fined, it has now increased to 2 thousand rupees per ton.