TikTok removed from Google Play Store and Apple Store but still being downloaded like this


The ongoing tension on the India-China border has now started to affect the relationship between the two countries. The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps working in the country on Monday. Now, these companies have been given 48 hours, in which it can present cleanliness on its behalf. A committee constituted by the government will listen to all the committees. If sources are to be believed, a committee has been formed by the government. Which will include officers from IT, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Information, and Ministry of Law? There will be questions and answers from companies regarding data theft.

Among the Chinese apps that have been banned by the Indian government, the most popular app is TikTok which has millions of users in India. TikTok has the highest number of consumers in India. China is second and America is third. About 61.1 crore consumers account for 30% of the more than 2 billion TicketTalk consumers worldwide. 10% of the total revenue of this app is from India only.

These are the top five Indian Tittock stars

Name - Follower (in crore)

Nisha Gurgan - 2.17

Arsifa Khan - 2.07

Jannat Zubair - 2.03

Avneet Kaur - 1.81

sameeksha Sud - 1.62

59 Chinese Apps Ban / 10 Point Understand Why the government took this decision, how it will be implemented and what will be its effect now

Despite blocks being downloaded like this

These 59 apps have now been removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That is, Android and iPhone users can no longer download it from the store. However, this app is not blocked from users' smartphones. Not only this, but many users are also still able to download this app. This app is still available on third party websites like APKmirror and is also being downloaded.

This app is also working as before and people are also able to upload or download videos on it. However, the official update of this app may not be available in case the app is removed from the Play Store. There is an updated app up to last week on the APKmirror website.

It is worth noting that earlier TikTok was banned in India and even then people have been downloading this way. Because even then this app was not blocked from people's mobiles.

However, a statement has also been issued by TikTok after the ban imposed by the government. Nikhil Gandhi, India head of Tiktok said, 'The Indian government has given an interim order to block 59 apps, including Tiktok, we are in the process of following this order. We were called on behalf of the respective departments of the government and were given a chance to explain. Nikhil Gandhi also said that we keep user's privacy and integrity at the top. However, the government's claim is different and very serious. Tick ​​Talk has demonstrated the Internet with 14 Indian languages, crores of users, artists, educators, and performers'.

Explain, the Central Government, giving information about its decision on June 29, said that we were getting information about the misuse of these apps, users' data is being transferred outside India to other countries. Therefore, keeping in mind the defense, security, sovereignty, integrity, and privacy of the people, it has been decided to ban 59 apps. The Central Government has taken this decision under Section 69-A of the IT Act. The government has said that these apps were a threat to India's sovereignty and integrity, so they have been banned in mobile and non-mobile internet devices.