This young man was running away after picking up an unknown woman in his lap, knowing the truth you will also salute him


No matter how bad the era is, but humanity can never die. Humanity has always been alive. Something similar was seen in Sasni in Hathras district. Everyone was watching the injured woman on the road here, but a young man returning from coaching picked her up on her lap and started running towards the hospital. Where the woman was treated. The special thing is that the said youth was also hesitant to tell his name to the media persons.

The incident is of Rudayan base on Agra-Aligarh road. Savitri, the wife of Kailash Chandra, a resident of village Jaraiya, had gone to the market for some work. She was going to her house after finishing work. As soon as Savitri tried to cross the road, the Tempo coming from Aligarh hit him tremendously. She then fell on the road and was seriously injured.

Hospital administration including police praised the young man

Passengers and shopkeepers thronged the incident. But nobody bothered to help the woman. Seeing the woman's critical condition, a young man returning from coaching picked up the injured woman in her lap and took her to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, a bike rider helped him and took him to the hospital. When the condition became critical, the doctor referred the woman to the district hospital. The police and the doctor welcomed the young man who brought him to the hospital. Said that everyone should do this kind of work. On the other hand, people beat the tempo driver.