This time in November, 51 percent of passengers were reduced compared to last year.


This year the number of people traveling in planes has decreased due to the coronavirus epidemic. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said on Friday that 63.54 lakh people traveled by air this time in November, 51 percent less than the same month last year.

According to DGCA, 39.43 lakh people traveled by domestic flights in September and 52.71 lakh people on domestic routes in October. The highest number of 34.23 lakh passengers traveled by IndiGo Airlines in November, accounting for 53.9 percent of the domestic aviation market. In SpiceJet aircraft, 8.4 lakh passengers (13.2% share) traveled.

Among other airlines, 6.56 lakh in Air India, 5.77 lakh in GoAir, 4.21 lakh in AirAsia India, and 3.97 lakh in Vistara completed the journey. According to DGCA data, in November the passenger load factor of the six major airlines of the country ranged between 66.3 and 77.7 percent.

DGCA said the passenger load factor for the month of November is showing some recovery due to increased demand after lockdown. SpiceJet had the best occupancy rate of 77.7 percent in November, while IndiGo had 74 percent, Vistara 70.8 percent, or 70.8 percent, Air India 69.6 percent, and AirAsia India 66.3 percent.

Explain that due to the Coronavirus epidemic, India stopped operating its domestic passenger aircraft on 25 May. After two months, the ban was resumed in July, but the government had directed the airlines to start operating only 80 percent of the pre-Kovid period.