This JDU leader said a big thing about the friendship between Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi


KC Tyagi said, 'Nitish Kumar wanted Nitish Kumar to become the Chief Minister of the BJP, it is his greatness, but from PM Modi (PM Modi) to BJP President JP Nadda wanted Nitish Kumar He became the Chief Minister.

Nitish Kumar is going to become the Chief Minister (CM) of Bihar for the seventh time. On Sunday, Nitish Kumar was elected the leader of the NDA Legislature Party meeting. After this, Nitish Kumar also presented a claim to meet the Governor and form the government. Nitish Kumar will take oath as Chief Minister at 4.30 pm on Monday. In the assembly elections, JDU has got 31 seats less than BJP. BJP has won 74 seats and JDU 43 seats. Despite this, the BJP has decided to make Nitish Kumar the CM. JDU National Principal General Secretary KC Tyagi (KC Tyagi) has said that BJP emerged as a big party. Despite this, the BJP central leadership reposed trust in Nitish Kumar. During the election too, Amit Shah and JP Nadda said that BJP will get fewer seats or more CM Nitish Kumar.

JDU and BJP will continue to work together

KC Tyagi said, 'Nitish Kumar wanted to become the Chief Minister of BJP, this is his greatness, but from PM to BJP President, Nitish Kumar wanted only Chief Minister. In the last 15 years, Nitish-Sushil Modi has successfully operated. Both are leaders associated with the JP movement and trust each other. Never got a chance of any kind of complaint. BJP's prerogative is who did he appoint as deputy CM along with Nitish Kumar. Now the decision of BJP is awaited and we will also accept BJP's decision. We will also try to strengthen the alliance.

There was a fine-tuning between Sushil Modi and Nitish Kumar

It is noteworthy that the National Democratic Alliance, which won 125 seats in the Bihar Assembly elections, was elected JDU National President and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as the leader. With this, the way for him to become chief minister again is clear. While the suspense remains still in the name of Sushil Kumar Modi as Deputy Chief Minister. However, this time Tarkishore Prasad has been elected as the leader of the Legislature Party, and Renu Devi comes from Nonia society.

According to sources, this time two Deputy Chief Ministers can be appointed in the new government of Bihar and this responsibility can be found with Tarkishore Prasad and Renu Devi (Ranu Devi). Sushil Kumar Modi's speech at the NDA Legislature Party meeting was a farewell speech in away. He said that the party has given me a lot, made the Leader of the Opposition, made the Deputy Chief Minister, and made him the leader of the Legislature Party, but this time I want only the elected MLA to be the leader of the Legislature Party. Whereas, Sushil Kumar Modi himself proposed the name of Tar Kishore Prasad as the leader of the Legislature party, which was supported by Prem Kumar and Nandkishore Yadav. On the other hand, the name of the Deputy Leader of the Legislature Party was Renu Devi's proposal by Vijay Sinha which was supported by Sanjay Saravagi.