This is the chaiwala 'hideout' of heartbroken lovers, In this way, the youths forget the sorrow and try for peace.


Often, people try to forget their sorrow by spending time on a riverbank or lush green secluded place, but the youth of Dehradun prefer to spend this difficult time at the tea stall. This is because two brothers have opened a cafe for the broken-hearted here. He has also named it 'Dil Tutta Aashiq Chaiwala'.

This cafe on GMS Road, Dehradun, has taken special care of all those things so that the pain of heartbroken lovers can be reduced. Music in the cafe is also played in a way that relaxes the youth. The youngsters visiting the café are handed cards, on which they can share their painful tales.

Knowing the problem also goes to their counseling. Greetings and wallpapers in the cafe have also been written with special messages for encouragement. Ashish Singh, who came to the cafe, says that when someone's heartbreaks, he does not like anything.

He likes to be alone. All these things have been taken care of in this cafe. Everything has been introduced in such a way that the youth will be relieved and can emerge from their sorrows.

Cafe operators Divyanshu and Rahul Batra did not say that we had a breakup during the lockdown. Due to strictness at that time, we could not move anywhere. In the meantime, why not think that a house should be built for the broken youth. Where youth can share their stories.

He said that at such times young people take wrong decisions. Our effort is that the youth in the cafe feel like they are going to understand. His efforts have also brought color. Many youths arrive here every day.