This is India's most powerful cannon, know interesting things about it  


Every Indian will be proud to know that India, along with DRDO and Tata, has created a cannon, beyond which the cannon of other countries of the world remains nowhere. Friends, for information, let us know that the name of this cannon is Dhanush.

Let us tell you that the Dhanush cannon is far ahead of the Bofors cannon which is counted among the world's best cannons, which is included in the Indian Army's Artillery fleet.

The barrel of the bow cannon is seven meters long, while the barrel of the advance bow is eight meters long. The eight-meter long cannon is only with the US, Israel and Russia. The bow cannon is technically superior to the existing cannons.

For your information, let us tell you that Dhanush is the first such Cannon in the country, whose 90 per cent of the equipment is manufactured in India. The special thing is that Ordnance Factory Kanpur has upgraded the barrel of Bofors and made it modern too. For your information, let us tell you that about 2000 rounds were fired before giving it to the army. The army also included it in the fleet after firing about 1500 rounds of the test.