This extra sharp cylinder of INDANE arrived, food will be made 14% faster!


Indian Oil has now brought a new cylinder. Its name is Indane Xtra fast Cylinder. As its name suggests, it is faster than other cylinders. It also cooks quickly and saves 5% fuel. Like other cylinders, it is blue.

So, let us know that according to the information given by Indian Oil, how is this cylinder profitable for customers?

What is extra fast cylinder?

This cylinder is for commercial and industry use. It cannot be used for domestic gas.

The advantages

The special thing about this cylinder is that its flame is very fast, that is, it releases gas with high pressure. You can save 5% LPG gas by using it. This reduces cooking time by 14 per cent. This cylinder comes in capacities of 19 kg, 47.5 kg and 425 kg.

Where are you getting this cylinder?

You can buy this cylinder from the distributor. According to the official website of Indian Oil, the extra fast cylinder will soon be sold all over the country.

How much will be the price difference?

The price of an extra fast cylinder is equal to that of a normal non-domestic cylinder, so you do not have to pay any more money.