This daughter of Bihar did such a wonderful thing, the President himself is praising


Although everyone works hard to get success in life, when it comes to giving success to others, we never find time for the rest. But today we are going to tell you about a girl whose actions you are also going to salute by heart.

We are talking about Anisha, living in Chhapra district of Bihar, you will be surprised to know that Anisha is a student as well as a teacher of poor children. Anisha noticed that many poor children keep playing outside the house and do not even study. So Anisha took the responsibility of teaching these poor children.

Let us tell you, Anisha neither takes any fees from these children nor does she make any demand. Anisha has only one dream that these poor children should get educated and do something in future. The news came to light when President Ram Nath Kovind decided to award Anisha the award at an event to be held on 24 September.