Third wave of Corona : Dr. VK Pal said – Vaccination and Covid behavior can stop the third wave


After vaccinating a record 86 lakh people a day, experts say rapid vaccination is the key to opening up the economy. Along with this, the government has also set a target of vaccinating one crore people every day.

NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul, who is less and more enthusiastic about the second wave of the vaccination campaign, says that the third wave can be prevented by taking corona-compliant behavior and vaccinating a large number of population. Emphasizing vaccination to open economic activities, Dr. Paul said that we need to do our daily work, maintain our social life, open schools, businesses, take care of our economy, we will be able to do all this When we will be able to vaccinate faster.

He also rubbished the rumors against COVID-19 vaccines saying that it is a big mistake to think that our vaccines are unsafe. Vaccines are saving lives, the second wave is waning, and now is the best time to get a vaccine. People should be aware and participate in this. Along with this, he made it clear that there is no shortage of vaccines in the country. The government is taking vaccines to inaccessible areas.

At the same time, Dr. NK Arora, President of the National Technical Advisory Group monitoring the Kovid 19 Vaccination Mission, said that our target is to vaccinate one crore people daily. Our capacity is such that we can easily vaccinate 1.25 crore, people, daily.

Cocktail treatment effective in many forms of the virus

Cocktail treatment of two antibodies can be effective in the treatment of corona. Scientists, after studies on rats and hamsters, said that the cocktail has been effective in treating the coronavirus as well as many of its many forms. The researchers studied a single and cocktail treatment of antibodies approved for emergency use by the US Food and Drug Administration.

According to this study published in the journal Nature, most of the cocktail treatments were effective on many forms of the virus on mice and hamsters. Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in the US found that the cocktail treatment was associated with a reduction in drug resistance.