These are the 5 poorest countries in the world, check out which  country ranks first


Asia is considered the largest continent in the world. There are many developed countries in Asia and there are many countries in which there is still much development to be done. These countries are counted as poor countries. The number of unemployed people in these countries is quite high. So let's know about these countries.

5. Tajikistan

Tajikistan is the fifth poorest country in Asia. Unemployment is very high here and people do not have enough employment opportunities. The annual per capita income in this country is around $ 3146.

4. Nepal

Nepal is considered the fourth poorest country in Asia. Nepal is a beautiful country but poverty is also high here. Talk about Nepal's per capita income, then it is about $ 2563 annually.

3. Yemen

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Yemen is considered the third poorest country in Asia. The total population of this country is 25 crores. The problem of unemployment is very high in this country. The annual income of individuals here is about $ 2776.

2. Afghanistan

It is the second-largest poor country in Asia. Earlier, the economic conditions of Afghanistan were very good, but due to terrorism, the economy of this country kept falling day by day. Today this country is counted among the poorest countries in Asia and the annual per capita income is around $ 2000.

1. North Korea

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North Korea is considered to be the poorest country in Asia. Let us tell you that the government of North Korea does not spend most of its money on the upliftment of its citizens, due to which the economy of this country has fallen considerably and the annual income of the people here is about $ 1800. Is around