There was talk of having crores in account was fake, the fraudster was operating the account online from the teenager's account


The claim of Rs 10 crore in the account of a teenager of Ruknpura village in Bansdih police station area of ​​Ballia district has turned out to be fake. According to the bank, the online fraudsters were operating thugs. After this complaint, the account was held at the behest of the police of Faridabad district.

On the advice of the police, a hold of 10 crores was imposed so that there was no problem in getting money in the account, the withdrawal was stopped. After holding the account, it came to an amount of about five thousand rupees, which is still lying. After not withdrawing this amount, the thugs stopped asking for money in the account.

According to Swapanil Singh, former manager of Bansdih branch of Allahabad Bank, in February 2020, he got a call from the manager of Allahabad Bank's branch in Faridabad district. He informed me that there is fraud taking place online from the concerned account. Money is being sought in this account through various means. The account is also used in online payment.

He said that the Faridabad police is investigating the case. After getting her phone call, the teenager was called to the bank and she could not tell anything if the details of the transactions in the account were asked. According to Swapnil, when the teenager was asked where so much money is coming from your Jan Dhan account and where she is going, she could not tell anything.

He told me that he got a call from Punjab. The caller had asked for the details of the account and ATM card, etc. with the greed to pay him money. He has no information about the account since then. After talking to the teenager, it felt that it was also created by the thugs, then it was talked to Faridabad.

From there it was told that people from whom money has been demanded in this account. They have complained to the police about being cheated with them. Police have asked to hold this account for the time being. However, the police also want to stop the withdrawal of money in the account.

According to Swapnil Singh, on the basis of negotiations, he put a hold of Rs 10 crore in the account. He hoped that no one would deposit such a huge amount together. Swapnil says that after the ban on the account, only five thousand rupees came into it. According to Swapnil, after not withdrawing this money, the thugs got a clue of the action of the bank or the police, which is why they stopped the transaction.

Swapnil said that now when the teenager reached for information about the amount in the bank account, the clerk made a mistake there and gave the wrong information to the 10 crore hold as the amount.

According to Saroj Kumar Singh, the current manager of the Allahabad Bank Bansdih branch, the account of Saroj Kumari daughter Subedar Sahni was opened on 2-8-2018. Ten and twenty thousand have been deposited in this account many times. From August 2, 2018, to January 22, 2020, 17,59,120 have been deposited in the account and 17,53,857 have been withdrawn.

Meanwhile, on 15 February 2020, an estimated ten crore hold was placed on the account by our former branch manager on the complaint of the Faridabad branch. Currently, there are 5263.05 in this account.

On the demand of the thugs, the ATM including Aadhaar was also sent

According to Saroj, the account holder of the Allahabad Bansdih branch, the bank opened its account in the year 2018. Two years ago, a person named Nilesh Kumar of village Pakra, Post Badhir of Kanpur Dehat district asked him to call and send Aadhar card and photo, etc. to his given address in the name of getting PM residence.

Saroj sent the photocopy of the Aadhaar card and other documents to the respective address. After this, Saroj got the ATM card of the bank by post. As soon as the ATM card arrived, Nilesh called again and asked to send the ATM card to his address. Saroj also sent the ATM card by post to Nilesh.

After this, Nilesh took information from Saroj about the PIN code of the ATM. In the complaint letter given to the police, Saroj has expressed complete ignorance of the transaction of Rs. He has mentioned that he does not know where the money came from. He has also said that he has nothing to do with the money deposited in the account. Nilesh's mobile number with which he used to talk is telling the switch off (off). Inspector Rajesh Kumar Singh of Bansdih Kotwali said that the police is investigating the case. Necessary statutory action will be taken after investigation.