There is not a single corona patient in this village of Karnataka, that's why people are not getting the vaccine


Coronavirus has become a cause of great trouble for the people in the country right now. About one lakh new corona patients are still being found daily in India.

While the number of corona-infected people in the country has increased to more than 2.92 crores, there is also a village in Karnataka where there is not a single corona patient. The one we are going to talk about is Daval Malik village in the Gadag district of Karnataka. So far, not a single case of Korana virus infection has been reported in this village with a population of five hundred.

The people of the village believe that they have the blessings of Baba Dawal Malik. According to reports, a person from the village told us that the coronavirus will not come to our village. Even if Corona comes to his village, he will not be able to kill us, because we live close to God. That is why people here are not getting the coronavirus vaccine.