There is a possibility of acceleration in corona infection after assembly elections in Bihar


The effects of infection after the assembly elections in Bihar may be seen among the coronavirus. Kerala Madhya Pradesh and Delhi have also become examples of this. In such a situation, experts predict that after the election, orange may see a rise in 2. This is not because the pace of transition will increase after the election, but because the government data appearing on paper is under question now.

Due to being the weakest health services in the country, the questions raised on the figures

Talking to Amar Ujala, former professor of Jodhpur-based Indian Institute of Technology, Rijo M. John said that Bihar has the weakest health services in the country, but the infection situation is better there. That too when laborers have reached their homes in lakhs.

He said that Bihar accounts for 10% of the total investigation in the country. In the past 2 months, the infection rate has remained less than 5%, in the last few days only 2% of samples are being found in the organization. It is clear from these government figures that the corona infection is at a low level, but if we look at the health services, these figures raise doubts.