The world's most expensive pigeon, auctioned for Rs 14 crore


North Korean dictator Kim Jong is always in the news due to his exploits, but today we are going to tell you about a Kim who has caught the attention of people around the world with one his news. . Indeed, Kim is a two-year-old female racing pigeon, who recently received the title of being the world's most expensive pigeon.

Let us know that during an online auction, this racing pigeon has been sold for $ 1.9 million or Rs 14 crore. With this auction, Kim has achieved the title of being the world's most expensive pigeon. It was previously put up for auction at $ 237, but a Chinese person bought it for $ 1.9 million.

According to Paradise, last year 1.25 million euros were paid for the male Armando pigeon. The racing champion pigeon named Armando was also known as the Lewis Hamilton of pigeons. He was sold in 2019 after he retired. But New Kim has set a new world record, overtaking Armando as well. Kurt Vauvar and his family, who raise the racing pigeon Kim, were shocked to hear Nilami's money.

In the last few years, pigeon races are becoming very popular in China. People are buying pigeons by raising bids from one to one to raise a child from racing pigeons. In the year 2018, Kim won several competitions, including the National Middle Distance Race. New Kim has since retired as well. In such a situation, it is expected that Kim's new owners will also use her for breeding.

Nicolaas, CEO of the auction firm Pipa, told Reuters, "This record price is unbelievable. Because it is a female pigeon. Often, the male pigeon costs more, because it can produce more children. '