The victim said, Difficulty in identifying wife and children after vaccination


Ten days later, a 40-year-old man who underwent a corona vaccine test by Chennai University and AstraZeneca was tested on October 1 in Chennai and began to suffer from neurological discomfort. He refused to recognize his wife and children.

The family has sent a notice to the Director-General of ICMR, Serum Institute of India, Drug Controller Dean, questioning the trial, demanding compensation of Rs five crore for mental physical damage and future treatment.

On the other hand, claims of brain injury from the vaccine have been rejected by the Serum Institute of India, Pune. SII said that the person involved in the test has sympathy but has no connection with the vaccine's test and its health. The person is making the wrong accusation.

There is a conspiracy to spread misinformation about vaccines and testing with maliciousness. Serum Institute will claim Rs 100 crore for this. The organization will continue to fight against those who spread misinformation. The Drug Controller General of India has started an investigation.

EEG revealed brain damage

EEG examination showed that both the hemispheres and the sensing device of the person's brain were damaged. Psychiatric investigations have shown that the person's ability to speak and see the brain is also mildly affected.

Family demands ban on testing

After the vaccine side effects surfaced, DCGI and the Institutional Ethics Committee have been investigating the issue of how the vaccine has caused problems. The family has demanded immediate stoppage of vaccine testing, delivery, and vaccination. The legal notice states that if it does not, they will take legal action against all.