The vaccine crisis will end because vaccine production will be indigenously from July!


Amidst the horrific second wave of Corona, people want to get vaccinated as soon as possible. However, vaccine production is low. Two vaccines manufactured in the country are currently being planted, while efforts are being made to include imported Sputnik V vaccines in the program soon. The Central Government has launched Mission COVID Security for vaccination, which is being handled by Dr. Renu Swaroop, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology.

The vaccine has started reaching the country. A consignment has arrived. Soon it will also be introduced to be included in the vaccination program. By the end of this month, 3 million more Sputnik vaccine supplements will arrive in India.

Also, negotiations are underway with five other companies apart from Reddy Laboratory to start production of this vaccine in the country. These include Hetero bioforma, Virchov biotech, Stellis bioforma, Gland biopharma, and Panacea biotech. Our effort is that from July, the country-wide Sputnik V vaccine will be started.