The unbridled problem of destitute animals, destitute animals roaming the streets become victims of terrible accidents


The tales of the violence of destitute animals keep coming to the fore from all parts of the country. The matter is not limited only to the destruction of crops, but people have also been victims of accidents due to them. Their terror is also adversely affecting the tourism industry of the country. A few days ago a German woman who came to visit India was injured by destitute cattle. Such cases are endless.

Such foreign tourists will not return home with good memories. This will also adversely affect tourism-related activities in India. The statistics also show that a major cause of death due to road accidents in India is these destitute cattle roaming on the roads. Along with disrupting the traffic system, suddenly coming in the middle of the road, they work to uncontrol and derail the moving vehicles. The condition of these destitute animals is also not good. They are also losing their lives by swallowing the garbage lying on the side of the streets and roads.

The total estimated number of homeless cattle in the country is more than five lakhs. Most of them are cattle. Not having enough cowsheds in proportion to the number of cows in the country is another problem. The second reason is that some Gopal asks to leave the cows open to roam like this after milking them. The truth is that as long as a cow gives milk, it is considered a mother and when it stops giving milk, it is either left to roam freely or sold to butchers. It is also a quirk that while our country has become the sixth-largest economy in the world, we have not been able to find any proper shelter for our destitute animals to date. In many other countries, leave the cow, even the dog will not be seen roaming around. The condition of our country is very bad in this matter.

It is necessary that before running the bullet train of development in our country, we should solve the problem related to our destitute cattle. For this, by increasing the number of cowsheds, the cows roaming the destitute will have to be cracked down. The local administration will have to fix its responsibility regarding the regulation and prohibition of destitute cattle and the owners of destitute cattle roaming in their area will have to be traced and punished so that they do not leave their animals open again. The farmers should catch the destitute cattle entering the fields and keep them tied in their fields, the real owner himself will come looking for them. If they still do not come, the animals should be handed over to the local administration.