The third wave of corona may reach a peak in India in October-November, country's scientists expressed apprehension


Amidst the slowing down of the second wave of corona in the country, the possibility of a third wave is also being expressed. Some scientists of the country have expressed the possibility of reaching the peak of the third wave of corona in India in October-November. According to scientists of a government panel monitoring corona cases in the country, if precautions related to corona are not taken, then the third wave of corona may reach its peak between October-November. However, he has said a relief that during this period the new cases in the third wave maybe half as compared to the new cases in the second wave.

How many cases can come?

The third wave may reach its peak between October and November. In this, the cases can increase between 1,50,000 to 2,00,000. Along with this, he said that the cases of hospitalization may reduce during the third wave. However, during this time he also mentioned the danger of the new variant of Corona. He said that if a new deadly corona variant comes to the fore during this period, then the third wave can spread rapidly.

IIT Kanpur Professor Assessment

Prof. Manindra Agrawal of IIT Kanpur has estimated the beginning of the third wave of corona from the mathematical model formula. According to him, the third wave of Corona is expected to increase from the first week of October. According to him, from November 1, the pace of infection can be very fast, while by November 15, the graph of infected people will start coming down. They claim that the third wave will not be more dangerous than the second, but not following physical distance, not wearing a mask, and attacking by changing the form of the virus can be fatal. According to his estimate, at the beginning of November, 1.80 lakh cases will come daily in the country. Pro. Agarwal had accurately estimated the first and second waves.