The test of supersonic cruise missile BrahMos failed, fell immediately after takeoff


The test of the country's supersonic missile BrahMos failed. This test of the BrahMos missile was done in Balasore, Odisha. It fell soon after takeoff.

The range of this missile was up to 450 km. During the test of this capability, on Monday morning, the BrahMos missile crashed on the ground after going a short distance. The team of scientists of Defense Research and Development Organization and BrahMos Aerospace Cooperation is investigating why this test of BrahMos missile failed.

Let us tell you that BrahMos comes in the category of very reliable missiles and the incident of failing in its test is very less. ANI quoted sources as saying that in the initial investigation, it has been found that the test failed due to some problems with the missile's propulsion.

Earlier, the BrahMos missile was used to hit targets less than 300 km away. But now this very special missile is used to hit long-range targets with supersonic speed. The BrahMos supersonic missile is named after two rivers, India's Brahmaputra River and Russia's Moskva River.