The seventh round of government-farmer interaction today, the path will not come out without any side softening


The government and farmers' organizations will be on the table for the seventh time on Monday amid the ongoing agitation against agricultural laws. In this meeting, the demand for farmers' organizations regarding the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws and legal guarantee of minimum support price (MSP) based procurement will be discussed.

Only 48 hours before this meeting, the farmers' organizations have given a clear message to stick to their demand, while the government has not opened its cards regarding the seventh round of talks.

According to sources, the government will not accept the demand for withdrawal of all three laws. While proposing to set up a committee again to consider the demand for a legal guarantee on MSP.

According to the above source, due to the many aspects of the demand of farmers, this cannot be directly accepted. This will require extensive discussion. However, the farmers' organizations rejected the proposal to this effect in the sixth round meeting itself.

Government's eye on Supreme Court too

The government is also eyeing the Supreme Court to resolve the matter. The Supreme Court will hear the case again next week, possibly on January 5. Earlier in the hearing, the Supreme Court had emphasized the negotiations.

Apart from this, a temporary moratorium on the law was also suggested till the negotiations continue. The government feels that the middle court in this dispute can be found through the apex court during this hearing.

Only when bowing to one side will the matter be made

The main screw law is the return and the legal guarantee on the MSP. The farmers have announced to not back down and put the ball to settle the dispute. The government has not yet given a message to back down in this matter. While the solution will come out of one side bending.

One more round of talks can be agreed

However, it is almost certain that the final resolution of the dispute will not be found in Monday's meeting. However, the government does not want a deadlock in the talks. In such a situation, another round of talks can be agreed upon between the two sides.

The government worried over the death of farmers

The government is concerned with the deaths of more than five dozen farmers in suicide, cold, and accidents during the movement. Meanwhile, the government is also apprehensive about the perception of the contrary due to the farmers standing at the movement site amid the fierce cold and rain.

The farmer has taken this movement to his heart: Rakesh Tikait

Rakesh Tikait, the spokesperson of BKU, said about today's meeting that the government has to talk on many issues. The government should understand, the farmer has taken this movement to his heart and will not think less than repealing the laws. Swaminathan's report should be implemented and the MSP should be legislated.