The rays of the sun will make shine Ramlala's Mukhravind on Ramnavami's, churning in Ayodhya


The foundation work for the construction of the Ram temple is likely to start in the month of January itself. Special attention will also be given to Vedic Vastushastra in the construction of the Ram temple.

Under this, architectural experts are busy brainstorming how the rays of the sun can brighten the mouth of Ramlala on the day of Ramnavami. On the other hand, a 3D system is also being discussed for the visit of devotees to the Ramjanmabhoomi complex.

Champat Rai, general secretary of Sriram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust, said that an idea is going on whether the rays of the sun can brighten the Lord's mouth on the day of Ramnavami. For this, brainstorming is going on with the experts of architecture. The Ram temple will be built under Vedic architecture. For this, a committee of selected Vedic Vastushastra experts of the country has also been formed, which is doing its work.

Champat Rai said that generally, man does not go to the sanctum sanctorum. Darshan is seen from outside the sanctum sanctorum. Therefore, the idea is whether there can be a 3D system that the devotee-devotee realizes that he has got the head in the sanctum sanctorum. This special thing will remain with this temple.

For the devotees, the 3D technology will be arranged in such a way that the devotees will feel directly present in the sanctum sanctorum in some virtual places. Devotees will be able to admire their worship in a virtual way.