The price of this soap is 1.80 lakh rupees, rich people give special orders!


You must have used many types of soap for bathing. There are many types of soaps available in the market and they have different characteristics. Some soaps are available to you at a cheaper price, while some are so expensive that they make you think. Today we are going to tell you about a soap that costs Rs 1 lakh 80 thousand.

Let me tell you that one who is very rich in this world uses this soap.

This soap has a diamond and gold powder mix. Honey and olive oil have also been used to make it. Therefore, these soaps are quite popular. Skin becomes very good by using it and it is used by many rich people in the world i.e. millionaires. Well, this soap is made by a family called Lebanon.

This soap has been made by this family for 100 years and they have made this soap after hard work. Indeed, this family has claimed that 'no one can make this kind of soap in this world'. Special orders are available for this soap.