The power of soft diplomacy was again seen on Yoga Day, the celebration of International Yoga Day from Jamaica to China


On the occasion of International Yoga Day on Monday, June 21, 2021, in many cities of China, on behalf of a large number of people to do yoga in public and the agreement between India and Saudi Arabia to promote yoga in Saudi Arabia An example of the matter is that India's soft diplomacy is moving towards a new level regarding yoga.

From the information sent by the Indian Embassies and Missions, it seems that Yoga Day has been organized with more pomp in all the small and big countries from Jamaica to Mongolia, and representatives of Indian missions played a special role in this.

On this occasion, the M-Yoga app launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi with the help of the World Health Organization will help in furthering soft diplomacy. Now the Government of India can help a person located in every corner of the world to learn Yoga.

Agreement between both countries to promote yoga in Saudi Arabia

All the missions of the Government of India spread across the world have made special efforts for the occasion of International Yoga Day. As a result, on Monday, an Islamic country like Saudi Arabia has agreed with the Indian government to make yoga popular in its place. Under this, assistance will be given from the Government of India in setting up courses related to yoga, research, and research in Saudi Arabia.

Yoga has been organized in almost every country in the Gulf region, but Saudi Arabia has become the first country to promote it institutionally. Yoga Day was also organized by the governments of Kuwait, Egypt, and Qatar. In all these Islamic countries, this time more people were seen on Yoga Day than before. South American countries and African countries also saw more enthusiasm for yoga this time.