The pilot raped the woman! Click here to know more


Nowadays the incidence of rape is becoming a common thing, every day news of rape is coming from somewhere. Due to which there is an atmosphere of fear in the society.

One such incident has come from the Oshiwara police station under Zone 9 of Mumbai, where a case of rape has come to light with the promise of marriage to a young woman. According to the information received, the police said that the accused is a plane driver, he forcibly raped the woman for one and a half months. After this, when the girl protested, she told him that he would marry her.

After this, the accused forcibly raped for one and a half months, when the woman asked to marry him, the accused refused her and told not to tell anyone about it and threatened to kill her, after which the girl complained about this Police have registered a case with Karbai police and further action is being taken.