The ongoing trial of corona vaccine inserted from nose to the body: Health Minister Harsh Vardhan


Scientists are also working day and night in the country regarding the Coronavirus Vaccine. It is expected that the Corona vaccine will be developed in the country later this year or early next year. Meanwhile, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Sunday said that no intranasal vaccine trial is going on in India yet, although the Serum Institute in collaboration with the American biotech company Codagenix Inc to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 Kodagenics CDX -005 has started vaccine manufacturing.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said in his weekly program Sunday Samvad that the CDX-005 vaccine will be an intranasal vaccine, which has been animal tested. Now the company will start a trial of the first phase of this vaccine in the UK by the end of this year. Harshvardhan said that Kodagenics will start its human trial process in the UK itself. At the same time, the Serum Institute of India will be responsible for clinical trials in India of this vaccine.

Bharat Biotech also in the race

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that Bharat Biotech has tied up with the Washington School of Medicine regarding the intranasal vaccine. Whose trial, production, and marketing will be responsible for Bharat Biotech. The first phase of this trial will be held at St. Louis University Vaccine and Treatment and Evolution Trial Unit. After which Bharat Biotech will take up the clinical trial in the country after getting approval from the Registry based on its receipts.

Corona will end by February 2021

The coronavirus epidemic in India has passed its peak and is now downhill. The government announced it officially on Sunday. A committee of scientists appointed by the government estimated that the coronavirus infection in India has now passed. The committee has stated that the corona epidemic is likely to end by February 2021 and there will be no more than 10.6 million cases of corona in India. At present, Corona has more than 7.5 million cases in India. The committee from The Indian Express said that measures being taken to prevent the virus should be continued. The committee has used computer models to map the epidemic stance. Let me tell you, on September 17, the highest number of active cases in the country was 10.17 lakhs, since then it has been declining continuously and they have reached 7.83 lakhs.