The mandate is against Nitish, Bihar will soon find its option: Manoj Jha


Senior RJD leader and Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Jha has once again targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over the Bihar election results. The RJD leader said that the mandate was against Chief Minister Nitish and that Bihar would soon get an alternative, which would be comfortable.

Manoj Jha has raised questions about the readiness to hand over leadership to Nitish despite JDU's weak position in the assembly elections. He said, how can one become Chief Minister by getting 40 seats. Nitish lost badly in the election and he should have thought about it himself.

JDU chief Nitish has a very small majority. Even the NDA and the BJP should believe that if it was not a mandate for change, Nitish's party would not have won only 40 seats. You (Nitish) are on a low majority. A government with a low majority cannot last long.

With this, Professor Jha said that Bihar will find its alternative, which will be comfortable. The new option may take a week, ten days, or a month, but it certainly will. He said that it is surprising that BJP won 74 seats even though it was not a face in the Bihar elections. They too would not have expected this.