The last farewell to the martyr, son of seven months bowed, wife and father with folded hands said- We are proud of him


A seven-month-old son and wife bowed. Father and brother saluted, then Shaheed Bhupendra Singh set out on his last journey.

The body of Sipahi Bhupendra Singh, a resident of Bansi village of Charkhi Dadri district, who was martyred on Friday night in Naugam and Poonch firing from Pakistan, reached the village on Wednesday morning. Veer Saput was cremated here with state and military honors. Deepak, the younger brother, lit him. At the same time, the seven-month-old son bowed his hands to the martyr's father. The wife and father also saluted the martyr and bid him farewell.

Shaheed Bhupendra Singh was only 23 years old. On March 15, he returned to duty after deducting one month's leave. He has married 18 months ago and became the father of a son seven months ago. Bhupendra had a conversation with father Malkhan Singh on the phone and said that Papa, I am fine here and you do not bother me. On Saturday, at half-past one in the afternoon, he was informed about the son's martyrdom on the phone.

Shaheed Bhupendra Singh joined the army in 2015 as a soldier. He participated in the Ambala Army Recruitment and was a BA first-year student at that time. For the last three years, Bhupendra Singh's posting was in Baramula. Bhupendra Singh was the eldest of two brothers. Bhupendra Singh, who sacrificed his life while protecting the motherland at the age of 23, was interested in joining the army since his childhood. Bypassing the twelfth, Bhupendra had fulfilled his dream of joining the army by participating in the first army recruitment in Ambala.

Malkhan Singh said that his son Bhupendra and daughter-in-law Rekha got married 18 months ago. In the month of February, Bhupendra came on leave. After a month's stay, he went back on duty only on 15 March. Shaheed is the seven-month-old son of Bhupendra. The martyr's wife Rekha BA is nearby. Bhupendra is the first member of the family to be admitted to the army. By giving martyrdom, Bhupendra has raised the head of the entire family with pride. Malkhan Singh said that the faces of the family members are sad to lose their beloved, but they are also proud of martyrdom.

Deepak, the younger brother of Shaheed Bhupendra Singh, told that he is proud of the martyrdom of the elder brother. Deepak is a BSc final year student and is also preparing to join the army. Deepak told that after the martyrdom of his brother, he is determined to join the army. By joining the army, he will definitely fulfill his elder brother and father's dream.