The home minister of Madhya Pradesh gets big responsibility, appointed as spokesperson of state government


The home minister of Madhya Pradesh has been entrusted with a large responsibility by the state government. Narottam Mishra has been appointed as the spokesperson of the state government. Orders have been issued by the General Administration Department in this matter. During the Corona period, the General Administration Department has issued this order for the Home Minister.

Narottam Mishra has been very active during the Corona period. The minister, who has been included in the list of active leaders, has also inspected many hospitals. Along with that, many meetings were held regarding the Corona process. He is keeping an eye on the serious situation in the state.

Let us know that the country is facing the third wave of corona infection at this time. More than three lakh cases are being reported in the country continuously. Today, all the records of infected cases in the country have been broken. In the last 24 hours, more than four lakh cases have been registered in the country. Things are constantly becoming uncontrollable. Patients are dying due to a lack of oxygen and medical equipment in hospitals. In this serious and worsening situation, other countries have also extended a helping hand to India.