The government will implement these rules regarding helmet next year! It is important to know


Amidst the spread of Corona infection in the country, now there is big news for two-wheelers. Now, in the coming time, wearing a helmet of local quality may be too heavy while driving.

The Union Ministry of Transport is going to make a rule mandating helmets with Bureau of Indian Standards standard for two-wheeler riders. The Union Ministry of Transport has issued a notification in this regard. It states that new rules will also be applied for the production and sale of helmets.

It has been told that a provision of fine and jail sentence has also been made on the manufacturing of local helmets. This rule of the Union Ministry of Transport will be implemented nationwide from March 1, 2021. That is, the challan will be deducted from March 1 next year on two-wheelers wearing local quality helmets. Under this, helmet manufacturing companies will also have to print each helmet standard mark to provide information about the quality standard.