The government wants to propagate against the movement: farmers organization


The farmers' organization, which is agitating on the borders of the national capital, has called the new negotiation proposal propaganda of the government. The Joint Ministry of Agriculture's letter said that the government wants to create an atmosphere that farmers' organizations do not want to talk by proposing repeated talks. If the government wants to talk, then the proposal to repeal all three laws should be included in the proposal.

A joint Kisan Morcha of 40 farmer organizations agitating on the Singhu, Tikri, and Ghazipur border will meet on Friday, which will discuss the new letter from the government. After this, an official reply will be given by the farmers.

The United Front said late Thursday evening, the government is not serious about our demands, so is writing letters every day. The new letter of the government is nothing but propaganda against the movement. Farmer leader Shivkumar Kakka said, "If the government is serious about talking then talk of withdrawing all three laws."

Along with this, the legal guarantee of MSP is also our main demand. The government cannot ignore this. We will now consider the new letter in Friday's meeting. Significantly, five rounds of negotiations between the farmers' organizations and the government have been fruitless.