The central government will remain aggressive during the entire budget session regarding agricultural laws


During the entire budget session in Parliament, the central government's stand on all the three agricultural laws will remain under attack. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a high-level meeting with several senior ministers on Friday, discussed the deadlock in Parliament over the three agricultural laws, in which this strategy was agreed upon.

It was said in this meeting that there is no mindset against these laws in the whole country. In many states, this law is gaining widespread support. In such a situation, the government should also respond to the allegations of the opposition in an aggressive manner and factually. In the Rajya Sabha, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar responded to the opposition attacks in a very aggressive manner under this strategy.

A government minister involved in the meeting said, "The opposition wants to create a ruckus in the Lok Sabha in a planned manner." If it is not, then the formula which the opposition has accepted in Rajya Sabha, why does it have a problem in the Lok Sabha on the same formula?

The difficulty of the government is that it has to pass the discussion on the President's address and also discuss the Finance Bill in the first phase of the session. However, government strategists believe that on Monday, the opposition will be ready to give its talk during the discussion on the address, just like the Rajya Sabha.