The big meaning of small elections: BJP's long jump on the ballot, now preparations to feed lotus in entire South India


Even after being firmly established in the southern state of Karnataka, the weakness of the BJP in nearby Telangana and Andhra Pradesh has always befallen the party. It has been such a thing that in the last six years, where the BJP reached the summit in the north and northeast due to its changed thinking, capacity and weakness, in Telangana, it could not move even one step in two decades.

BJP's target on South India through Hyderabad Municipal Corporation election results

The party also had four MPs in 1999 and also four MPs in 2019. In such a situation, the result of the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation election has told that now the BJP is targeting the whole of South India through Telangana. The BJP has now embarked on a strategy to move towards its declared golden period, where the panchayat to state power is so threatened by the BJP that it can expand its ideology.

Impact of the promotion of veterans in Hyderabad Municipal Corporation election

A lot of questions were raised at the time when a large number of heavyweights, including BJP President JP Nadda, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, went to the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation election campaign a week ago. Actually, the BJP has raised the big question of leadership style in front of all political parties. It has again been understood that even the top leadership of the political party should not hesitate to go to the bottom and stand with the workers. Rather, the presence of top leadership helps in establishing the ideology.

BJP said- Congress took VRS in front of TRS

It is interesting that this readiness is not seen even in Congress where questions are being raised from inside about the continuous leadership. This is the reason why BJP General Secretary Bhupendra Yadav did not delay in taking the pinch that Congress has taken VRS in front of TRS.

Hyderabad election results indicate, 2023 Telangana assembly elections will be different from before

However, the results in Hyderabad have given a clear indication that the 2023 Telangana assembly elections will be different from before. The BJP has emerged as a very strong alternative. It has risen from four to over 40, while Asaduddin Owaisi's MIM has been reduced to a limited fan base. She is almost standing there in the Hyderabad elections. This result also suggests that Owaisi, who is growing for Bengal after Bihar with his national ambition, cannot be dismissed at the moment. Apparently, the results in Hyderabad would have upset Mamata Banerjee.

Opposition EVM dispute over water, BJP also took a quantum jump on ballot vote in Hyderabad

It is believed that Hyderabad will also solve a lot of political clout of EVMs and paper ballets. Actually, there has been a controversy over EVMs in every election for the last six years and it has also been alleged that BJP wins by manipulating EVMs. Where the BJP does not win, opposition parties give credit to their workers. The BJP has made a quantum leap in the ballot vote in Hyderabad.

The signal of anti-incumbency towards TRS is encouraging for BJP

Well, if we talk about Telangana and South India, then BJP will try to repeat Karnataka. It will also be an attempt to remind that even though the symbol of independent Telangana has become Chandrashekhar Rao of TRS leader, it was conceived by Jana Sangh leaders. Unlike Karnataka, the BJP may not get a shoulder like Janta Dal for expansion at present, but the signal of anti-incumbency towards TRS is encouraging for the BJP. The infighting of JD (S) and Congress in Karnataka have given BJP an opportunity to step into an area like Old Mysuru. In Telangana, family fighting has also started within the TRS.