The beggar had died in an accident, so much money was received from the hut, the police could not count in two days


A few months ago a beggar was killed in a road accident in Mumbai. After this, when the police reached his hut, they got so much money there that they were shocked to see. There was so much money in the beggar's house that for two days the police kept accounting for that money.

The Government Railway Police of Mumbai found the dead body of a beggar a few months back. He had died due to an accident. The body of beggar Biradichand Pannaramji Azad was found near the railway track between Mankhurd and Govandi stations. After recovering his body, the police tried to contact his son.

The police could not contact the son so they reached his hut. There the police got a lot of money. The beggar had a fixed deposit of Rs 8.77 lakh and Rs 96,000 in his bank.

Coins worth Rs 1.75 lakh were found at Sake's house. The family of this 82-year-old beggar lives in Rajasthan. The local people had identified that beggar. People told them that he used to beg on the Harbor Line.

Let us tell you that the police had found four big cans and a gallon from his hut. Inside all these coins of one, two, five, and 10 rupees were kept inside plastic bags. After counting these, a total of Rs 1.75 lakh came out from the beggar's hut.