The average drop in seven days of corona cases, Is virus outbreak in India is over


India is witnessing a decline in daily reported cases of coronavirus. The seven-day average of daily Kovid-19 cases in India has been steadily falling. Covid-19 cases have been on the decline for nine consecutive days from 17 September to 26 September. This is the first time a drop in cases has been seen since the Corona epidemic.

On September 17, the seven-day corona averaged 93,199. This was, on average, the highest number of corona patients since the corona epidemic. According to data available with the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ETDC), it then fell to 85,131. Even earlier instances of daily cases of the seven-day average decline occurred, but it never lasted for more than two consecutive days.

Does this mean that Corona's bad days have passed in India? It would be difficult to say, as comparisons with other countries show, that cases have increased rapidly after a long period of continuous decline. For example, in the US, Corona reached its peak on 11 April, when the seven-day average of cases reached 31,942. Thereafter it declined sharply and by 20 May it had risen to 20,638.

After this, Corona reached its peak once again in the US on 20 July, when the average of seven days was 66,903. At the same time, by 13 September it again fell to 34,320, but it saw a surge once again and it increased to an average of 44,109 on 26 September. Russia, Spain, France, and the UK are also seeing an increase in cases after a long period of decline.

However, this does not mean that there will be an increase in daily reported cases in India. Among the 10 countries most affected by Corona, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and South Africa have not yet seen the second wave of the corona, when their daily average began to fall.

Brazil and South Africa reached a peak of Corona's daily affairs at the end of July, and the situation has not recurred since then. Corona reached its peak in August in Colombia and Mexico, and these countries have not seen the second wave of corona.