Targeting Sachin Pilot, Congress MLA said this about his wife! Click here to know


The Congress government led by Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan is under threat, this situation has arisen due to the rebellion of Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, Sachin Pilot has said that he has 30 MLAs with him and Ashok Gehlot's government has come in minority, Congress Efforts are being made to save the government by gathering legislators.

Legislature party meeting is to be held in Jaipur today, all the Congress MLAs are reaching to attend this meeting, when the media questioned the latest political situation from one such MLA, he directly targeted the target without naming Sachin Pilot. took. One MLA said, "Rajasthan will not run from Jammu and Kashmir.

This statement of the Congress MLA is being seen as a personal attack on Sachin Pilot. Indeed, Sachin Pilot's wife Sara Abdullah comes from a large political family in Jammu and Kashmir.