Tamil Nadu opposes construction of dam project on Markandeya river in Karnataka


Once again the topic of construction of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka river projects has come up for discussion. Now Tamil Nadu Water Resources Minister S Durai Murugan informed that the government is opposing the construction of a dam project on the Markandeya river in Karnataka and urged the central government to constitute a tribunal to resolve the issue. Will do

According to media reports, Karnataka is building a dam on the Markandeya river nearby. It is being told that Karnataka has also obtained the necessary permission to build a dam across the Markandeya river to store 500 million cubic meters of water for Rs 240 crore. However, objecting to the project, Tamil Nadu reached the Supreme Court against the dam on the river. During this, it claimed that the construction of the dam by Karnataka would hinder the natural flow. Apart from this, a large number of people in Tamil Nadu are dependent on it.