Sun Pharma started a plants based drug test to treat corona


The country's leading pharmaceutical manufacturer Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries has started testing the plant-made drug to treat corona patients. Results of Phase II clinical trials to detect the effect of the plant-borne drug AQCH may be revealed by October. The plant-based drug Sesampelos paraira (Cepa) is a natural herb against all four dengue viruses. According to the company, coronavirus and dengue virus behave similarly inside the human body.

"We were approved by the Drug Controller General in April to test a drug made from a substance with medicinal properties from the plant," Sun Pharma said. Clinical trials will be performed on 210 patients at 12 centers in the country. The treatment period will be 10 days. The company said, AQCH's human safety study has been completed. This drug is found to be safe for Phase II testing.

According to the company, AQCH is being developed to treat dengue. It has found antiviral effects during studies on organisms in controlled environments. It is, therefore, being tested as an alternative to treatment for corona infection. The company has been developing phytochemical-based drugs for the treatment of dengue for four years in collaboration with the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (DBT-ICGEB) of the Department of Biotechnology and the Council for Industrial Research (CSIR) with the scientist.