Such love for 'Scorpio' that the car parked on the roof of the house, Anand Mahindra said- My salute to you


In Bhagalpur, Bihar, a man named Intasar Alam got a car shaped water tank built on the roof of his house. The special thing is that Alam got that tank shaped like his first car 'Mahindra Scorpio'. Scorpio Alam recently bought the Scorpio and this is his first car. On the other hand, pictures of a Scorpio-shaped water tank went viral on social media. At the same time, now Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has also commented on this picture.

Actually, Scorpio is a product of the Mahindra Group, and its chairman Anand Mahindra liked the idea of ​​making a car-shaped tank. In a post on Twitter, Anand Mahindra said, 'This is what I would call the story of moving forward ... Scorpio Rising to the Rooftop. My salute to its owner. We salute their affection for their first car! '

What was the matter

To show his love for Scorpio, Intasar Alam built a water tank on the roof of his house in the shape of his first car. Local reports suggest that the same number plate has also been used in the Scorpio water tank, which is in the car of Intasar. Pictures of the Scorpio water tank went viral on social media.

Where did the idea come from

The idea behind the Scorpio water tank is that of Intasar's wife. She saw something similar in Agra and told her husband about it. Intasar was ready to build such a tank on the roof of his house.

How much cost

Intasar Alam told the regional media portals that he asked the workers of Agra to come to Bhagalpur to build a Scorpio-shaped water tank at his residence. After this the laborers reached Bhagalpur and they prepared it. Intasar spent about 2.5 lakh rupees on its construction.