Strange: This person is a half-human being and half machine, being called the world's first 'RoboMan'


Today the world has gone far ahead in terms of technology. Although, with the help of scientific technology, humans cannot be made completely, half a human being can make half a robot and this has happened. A British scientist has transformed himself into a 'robot'. He is being called the world's first RoboMan. The scientist has been identified as Doctor Peter Scott Morgan. He is 62 years old. To keep himself alive, he has set a unique example in front of the world.

Actually, Dr. Peter Scott Morgan had a fatal disease called a motor neuron, due to which his muscles were being ruined. Many parts of his body started to stop working. He then resorted to science and gave a new dimension to his life using robotics. Now with the help of Dr. Peter machines, they do all the tasks easily, which a healthy person does.

According to media reports, Dr. Morgan was diagnosed with this rare muscle-wasting disease 'motor neuron' in the year 2017. After this, in 2019, he started transforming himself into half human and half robot and today he is not only alive but has become an example for the world. He says, "I have always believed that a lot of bad things can be changed with the help of knowledge and technology in life."

While becoming half human and half robot, Dr. Morgan has invented many things which are unbelievable. He has devised the technology to communicate body language with the help of Artificial Intelligence. They have also discovered eye-tracking technology, which is capable of controlling many computers.

Although Dr. Morgan now breathes through the ventilator. He told that he got his inspiration from the science fiction comic character Cyborg to make half-human and half-machine or rather say. The cyborg is a half human and half robot. Talking about his personal life, he lives with his 65-year-old partner Francis and is very happy.