Story of peculiar wars: somewhere Watermelon and Somewhere due to wrong translation, millions of people lost their lives


There have been many such strange incidents in history, which you will hardly believe. Somewhere there was a fierce battle over watermelon, and somewhere due to the lack of understanding of the language, millions of people lost their lives. In such a situation, we will tell you about some amazing wars, after knowing that you will also be surprised. You will be surprised to know that in the Bikaner princely state of Rajasthan, about 375 years ago, there was a fierce war over the fruit of a watermelon. Thousands of soldiers lost their lives in this war over watermelon.

This strange war in history is known as 'Matire Ki Raad'. This war took place in 1644 AD. Watermelon is called 'Matira' in many parts of Rajasthan. At the same time, Raad is meant to fight a quarrel. Something that happened during this time was that the watermelon plant had grown on the border of Bikaner state. At the same time, one of its fruits went into the border of the princely state of Nagaur.

After this, there was a dispute about it in both the princely states. The people of the princely state of Bikaner had said that if the tree is on our border, then we will have the right over the fruit of watermelon. At the same time, the people of the princely state of Nagaur said that if the fruit has come within our limits, then we will have the right over it. This little quarrel turned into a big war. In this, many soldiers of both princely states lost their lives. In the end, this war was won by the princely state of Bikaner.

Such strange wars have not only taken place in India. You will also get to see many such wars abroad. This is where war comes in. The Dumbest Battle of History. This war was fought by the soldiers of Austria and Europe among themselves. This incident dates back to September 1788. During that time Austrian soldiers worked under a special type of umbrella. Under it, soldiers from France, Germany, Serbia, Poland also worked with Austrian soldiers. Because of this, there were many soldiers in the troops with different ethics, ideas, and language. Because of this, it was a difficult task for the soldiers to reconcile with each other.

On one night in September, Austrian troops were patrolling along the banks of the Danube river. During this time, he was seen drinking some of the soldiers of Romania. Austria and Romania were friendly countries at that time. Romanian soldiers invited Austrian soldiers to drink alcohol. He accepted the invitation and joined the Romanian troops to drink alcohol. Shortly thereafter, some more Austrian soldiers arrived while patrolling. They also sought bottles of liquor to drink, but now only one bottle of liquor was left. For this reason, the Romanian soldiers refused to give him liquor. On this, things got worse and the soldiers started fighting amongst themselves, on seeing, the soldiers started firing at each other.

On the other side of the Danube river, Austrian troops were vigilantly monitoring that the Ottoman army would attack them. As soon as they heard the sound of these bullets, they felt that the Ottoman army had attacked. After this, he started firing bullets in the same direction from the gun. On the other side, many soldiers in the darkness were shouting at them that they should not shoot. It is our soldiers who are fighting among themselves. But they could not understand their language. More than 10,000 soldiers died in this strange war. In history, it is referred to as the foolish battle (the dumbest battle of history).