Special news: Prisoners learning foreign languages by attending class in Tihar Jail


Classes are held in the premises of prisoners arriving at Tihar Jail after committing criminal incidents. Teachers are also prisoners and students as well. Between one and one and a half hours daily, illiterate prisoners are taught to read and write. At the same time, educated prisoners prepare themselves for higher classes. Interestingly, foreign prisoners manage to acquire knowledge of Indian languages ​​in these classes.

According to the jail administration, the inmates of the prison also learn each other's mother tongue. Foreign prisoners lodged in Tihar Jail where they learn Hindi. At the same time, Indian prisoners master their languages. The purpose of the prisoners behind this is to learn each other's languages ​​as well as to know their living conditions. Studying sports is also a way to remove the emptiness of the prison. Foreign and foreign prisoners are locked in jail. Foreign prisoners include prisoners from countries other than Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The jail administration says that this campaign has the effect that illiterate inmates are also seen signing instead of the thumb. To encourage inmates, they provide postcards. Through this, the prisoners send their acquaintances and relatives by writing a matter of mind. The Tihar Jail Administration undertakes the Padho Padhao campaign to educate the prisoners. Its purpose is to educate the prisoners. This makes him self-sufficient after going out of jail and not going towards crime.

Read, teach, the campaign is going on in jail

Ninety percent of the prisoners lodged in Tihar are of the poor class. Most of them have been duly denied an education. In order to make such prisoners self-sufficient, the jail administration started a read-and-read campaign in the jail. This campaign was started from jail number one. Prisoners also come to jail who do not have the knowledge of counting or accounting. Such inmates are given practical knowledge of mathematics with special software. From this, the prisoners learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Apart from this, they are also given homework so that they can be educated in every way. Prison officials say that after starting studies, there is a sense of self-confidence among the prisoners. Such prisoners do not face any problem in getting employment after leaving prison. Because they too seek employment like an educated person.

Every effort is made by the jail administration that after leaving the prison, one should join the mainstream of society on his own. In view of this, the jail administration is providing not only education to the prisoners but also various types of technical education. Because of the ban on the arrival of outsiders in the Corona era, only educated prisoners are giving education to other prisoners.

Tihar Jail Director General, Sandeep Goyal

Prisoners study in National Open School and IGNOU Center

In Tihar Jail Number Three, the inmates of the National Institute of Open Schooling and the IGNOU teach inmates who are illiterate. Officials say that NGOs and educated prisoners

Teaches prisoners who want to study. Due to the corona being denied entry to people in prison, only educated prisoners carry out this responsibility. From Jail's IGNOU Center

Hundreds of prisoners are also doing professional courses. After getting out of jail, it becomes easier for inmates who take a course to get a job.

Prison administration does not have data on inmates who get jobs

Till a few years ago, the jail authorities have placed prisoners in place to get them jobs. But the administration does not have any data to ascertain that

How many prisoners are working after serving sentence? Prison sources believe that campus placement took place seven times in Tihar Jail. The prisoners were also assured of employment. But to the administration

It is not known whether the prisoners released from jail are working in those companies.

Level of education in prisoners

Male prisoner female prisoner

. Illiterate 21.40 33.86

. Less than tenth read 40.75 37.04

. Undergraduate read 29.75 15.10

. Graduation 5.96 8.27

. PG 1.60 4.13

. Technical Education 0.76 1.59

Number of prisoners in Delhi and outside Tihar jails

Male prisoner female prisoner

. Delhi 72.81 72.81

. Other states 24.66 24.66

. Other Countries 2.53 2.53

Number of prisoners lodged in Tihar jail

Capacity prisoner

Male prisoner 9385 15153

Female prisoner 648 408

Total 10033 15661

Number of foreign prisoners in Tihar

Male prisoner female prisoner

Convicted 69 06

298 44 in consideration

Other 09 00

Total 376 50