Sonu Singh returned to India after 13 years from Pakistan, but not back home yet, case stuck in Amritsar


Sonu Singh alias Sohan Singh (35) of Santwasa village in Lalitpur has returned to his country after spending thirteen years of his life in Pakistani jails. However, he is currently at the Community Center in Amritsar and the process of bringing Lalitpur is continuing. On receipt of Sonu's return to India, his father and uncle reached Amritsar to meet him. Sonu hugged him as soon as he saw his father and wept.

Santhanam resident Roshan Singh Lodhi has four sons, of which Sonu is the youngest son. Sonu Singh had studied in the village till class VI. After this, he started farming with other families. At the age of 18-19 years, he left the house saying that he should become Baba and his mental balance was also not right. The whole family wandered in search of him. However, it was not found. In the same year, he received information that Sonu is lodged in a Pakistani jail. After this, on 26 October, the Intelligence Bureau informed Police Station Madavara about Sonu's release from Pakistan and reaching Amritsar. On reaching Amritsar, Sonu was quarantined at the community center of Naraingarh. As soon as information was known, a wave of happiness ran in the whole family Father and uncle Uday Singh reached Amritsar. After 13 years, both Sonu and her father became very emotional after seeing each other in front. Sonu hugged his father and burst into tears. Tears of happiness also spilled from the eyes of the father. Seeing these scenes, the staff in the rehabilitation center also got moistened.

Sonu lived in many jails

During his thirteen years in Pakistan, Sonu was kept in many different jails. He had given up hope of returning to India. However, after the completion of the sentence, he was released and sent back. Sonu is mentally weak. He could not tell in which jails of Pakistan he was sentenced. He is not even able to tell which way he went to Pakistan and where he was arrested.

Lalitpur will be able to reach the administration letter

Sonu Singh's father and uncle have reached Amritsar to bring him back to Lalitpur. However, due to a lack of necessary documents, Sonu has not yet been given his delivery. The father had taken the voter and ration card to identify Sonu. Sonu Singh's name is recorded in the sixth place in the ration card. Roshan Singh also handed over the letter from the sarpanch of the village to the officials of the Narayangarh Rehabilitation Center, confirming that Sonu is a resident of Santwasa village. When the officials of the Center asked for letters from the local police station in-charge, SDM, and district administration about Sonu's identity, they did not have any such certificate. Officials of the rehabilitation center said that the letter of district administration is necessary for Indians coming from Pakistan. Sonu cannot be assigned to them until this formality is completed. Security Officer Maninder Singh asked him to fax the certificate from his police station or subdivision office.

The happy atmosphere in the village

Sonu Singh suddenly went missing 13 years ago. Initially, the family searched for him, but could not find out. The villagers also agreed that now Sonu will rarely be able to return. But, on receiving news of his sudden release from Pakistan and reaching India, the faces of all the people in the village blossomed. Now everyone is waiting for him to return to the village.

The Intelligence Bureau of Amritsar informed about Sonu Singh of village Satwansa being in Pakistan jail and Sonu's release on October 26 and returning to Amritsar, on which he visited village Sonu's family to return their son from Pakistan Gave information Information was sought by the Intelligence regarding the filing of a case in relation to Sonu, on which he was told that no case was filed against Sonu.

-Krishnveer Singh, Police Station Madavara.

It has been learned that a person resident of village Satwansa needs some certificate. However, no family or such information has been reported so far. He should come and tell us what kind of certificate is required, which will help.

Satyapal Singh, Sub Divisional Officer, Madavara.