Sikkim air service from Delhi resumed again after one and a half year


Direct air service from Delhi to Sikkim was restored after about one and a half years. On Saturday, a SpiceJet aircraft carrying 57 passengers from Delhi landed at the Pacyang airport here.

State Health Minister MK Sharma, Tourism Department, and Airport Authority of India were present to welcome the aircraft. On return, the aircraft left for Delhi with 12 passengers. The commercial airlines at this tabletop (built on the mountain top) airport were shut down about a year and a half ago in June 2019, when private airlines operating air services between Packayang to Kolkata cited poor seasonal conditions and technical problems. Flight operations were stopped.

The airport, operating at 4,646 feet above sea level with a cost of around Rs 605 crore, was operating from October 2018. It is one of the five highest airports in the country.